Your On-line Marketing Efforts Are Not Bringing the Desired Results?


Here is the Essene of On-line Marketing/Business Building

on-line marketingWhy your company’s on-line marketing efforts are not bringing the desired results? Here is a simple explanation why, most people just don’t understand digital marketing, most marketers don’t understand it! I can guarantee you that tools/tricks/tactics alone will not work, and a flashy marketer promising “mountains” is a very short time is not, who you want to hire.

So what really works in the Internet Marketing space right now? It is complicated, I am not going to lie, and like never before it is an ever moving target. First, develop an overall strategy, short/long term goals, then who is your target market, develop personas, then start working on designing a full on-line marketing business solution, such as Marketing Funnel, designed to convert each lead and to extract maximum value out of each potential customer, in essence, to produce traffic & conversions, with behavioral based responses, database building, re-targeting, email communication/marketing and building your “Bottom Line”.

Part II Video – Keyword Research. Identify Audiences by Demographics


  • Examples:
    Individual Problem: Sick patient needs to be hospitalized – what is the most common diagnosis required
    Individual Solution: XYZ Hospital delivers medical and nursing staff experienced in treating the diagnosed condition
    social media marketing
  • Individual Problem: Injured patient needs to be hospitalized: Identify most prevalent injuries
    Individual Solution: XYZ Hospital delivers medical, nursing staff experienced in treating these particular injuries
  • Professional Problem: Physicians/Nurses require a place to practice and work utilizing & improving their skills
  • Professional Solution: XYZ Hospital provides a place where an organized medical and professional staff can take advantage of inpatient facilities delivering medical, nursing and related services 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Identify Potential Audiences by Knowing Your

Population Demographics

Consumer lists segmented (Why?) by
:social media marketing line

–Different populations based on the different services they require

–Physicians who refer patients to the hospital and drive hospital’s revenue


  • Your Inpatient services attract patients
  • The majority of these patients have chronic conditions


  • Your Hospital’s area of excellence in cardiology, orthopedics and spine, neurology


  • Reputable Transplants services attract patients from across the country and world

Part III Advanced Social Media – Learning Phase Create Optimized Offer



Keyword Research


Initial keyword research will become foundation for:social media marketing

–  Website & blog optimization to drive organic (free) traffic

–  Social Media profiles optimization to drive organic (free) traffic

–  Content generation to drive organic (free) traffic

Create-design optimized offers for marketing 


Design several offers, so promotional partners will work with us, including:
– valuable business solution
– customer support
– community
– premium servicesocial media marketing
– credibility
– security, money back guarantee
– entertainment

Test variable offers, to come up with the best ones

–  Paid advertising to drive paid traffic

Part IV Advanced Social Media – Implementation Phase Putting Marketing Package Together


Marketing Package – Creation of Sales/Marketing Funnel


  • Connect and talk with potential promotional partners:

    – increasingly forging closer links with other parts  social media sales funnel
    of the health sector and communities

    – influential individuals (physicians)

    – favor traders (I promote you if you promote me)

    – speaking in front of different networking groups
    (LinkedIn, Facebook groups)

    – Google AdWords, Facebook, affiliates, etc.

    – will work with you, because your credibility

    Website & Blog

  •     – Optimization: On-Page and Off-page
    – Optimized distributed content

    • Create & Develop Social Media  up to 7 channels:

      Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google +, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram

Part V Advanced Social Media Presentation – Implementation Phase Optimization


Social Media Optimization

  • Create & Develop complete company Social Media presence on up to 7 channels: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Google +, Pinterest, Instagram profiles
  • Implement and optimize existing profile images, backgrounds on all their social sites to match their website branding
  • Optimize Profiles to drive traffic and clicks, likes, shares, retweets, etc.
  • Social Media Network setup & optimization (how they interact & share content)
  • Create email service account with a provider, such as Aweber, Bronto, Responsys, Exact Target. etc
  • Design Facebook custom landing tab: lead gen, specials or coupons  social media brands percent

    Connect with clients 

–   Connect and talk with potential clients, survey them – what they want

–  Utilizing Client Magnet – where we provide a lot of value:

education, where there is no selling pressure
attracting  a lot of people, who realize that we are the
experts, the authority on the benefits of our
particular service/product on our:
a. Blog:
. create editorial calendar
. set up Google Analytics

Part VI Advanced Social Media Presentation – Implementation Phase Audience Growth


Audience Growth/Marketing organic and paid


utilizing Facebook’s exceptional
audience targeting abilities
. using Facebook’s tracking and conversion codes
. optimize sales funnels
. utilizing retargeting marketing
. set up Facebook Insights

Monitoring/Listening on social channels


–  Monitoring/Listening on social channels Monitoring/Listening on social channels
– Engagement
– Customer Support