Here is the Essene of On-line Marketing/Business Building

on-line marketingWhy your company’s on-line marketing efforts are not bringing the desired results? Here is a simple explanation why, most people just don’t understand digital marketing, most marketers don’t understand it! I can guarantee you that tools/tricks/tactics alone will not work, and a flashy marketer promising “mountains” is a very short time is not, who you want to hire.

So what really works in the Internet Marketing space right now? It is complicated, I am not going to lie, and like never before it is an ever moving target. First, develop an overall strategy, short/long term goals, then who is your target market, develop personas, then start working on designing a full on-line marketing business solution, such as Marketing Funnel, designed to convert each lead and to extract maximum value out of each potential customer, in essence, to produce traffic & conversions, with behavioral based responses, database building, re-targeting, email communication/marketing and building your “Bottom Line”.


Part I Video – Social Media is the Marketplace for Today’s Businesses

by Peter Kaczmarzyk August 12, 2015

To be successful – you must understand the strategies, the tools, the software, and The “language”. Learning Phase About Your Company’s Business   Identify existing opportunities Identify existing problems to an individual level Identify solutions to existing problems Why: Gives us a clear marketing strategy Tweet

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Part II Video – Keyword Research. Identify Audiences by Demographics

by Peter Kaczmarzyk August 11, 2015

Examples: Individual Problem: Sick patient needs to be hospitalized – what is the most common diagnosis required Individual Solution: XYZ Hospital delivers medical and nursing staff experienced in treating the diagnosed condition Individual Problem: Injured patient needs to be hospitalized: Identify most prevalent injuries Individual Solution: XYZ Hospital delivers medical, nursing staff experienced in treating […]

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Part III Advanced Social Media – Learning Phase Create Optimized Offer

by Peter Kaczmarzyk August 10, 2015

  Keyword Research   Initial keyword research will become foundation for: –  Website & blog optimization to drive organic (free) traffic –  Social Media profiles optimization to drive organic (free) traffic –  Content generation to drive organic (free) traffic Create-design optimized offers for marketing    Design several offers, so promotional partners will work with us, […]

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Part IV Advanced Social Media – Implementation Phase Putting Marketing Package Together

by Peter Kaczmarzyk August 9, 2015

Marketing Package – Creation of Sales/Marketing Funnel   Connect and talk with potential promotional partners: – increasingly forging closer links with other parts   of the health sector and communities – influential individuals (physicians) – favor traders (I promote you if you promote me) – speaking in front of different networking groups (LinkedIn, Facebook groups) – […]

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Part V Advanced Social Media Presentation – Implementation Phase Optimization

by Peter Kaczmarzyk August 8, 2015

Social Media Optimization Create & Develop complete company Social Media presence on up to 7 channels: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Google +, Pinterest, Instagram profiles Implement and optimize existing profile images, backgrounds on all their social sites to match their website branding Optimize Profiles to drive traffic and clicks, likes, shares, retweets, etc. Social Media […]

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Part VI Advanced Social Media Presentation – Implementation Phase Audience Growth

by Peter Kaczmarzyk August 7, 2015

Audience Growth/Marketing organic and paid   utilizing Facebook’s exceptional audience targeting abilities . using Facebook’s tracking and conversion codes . optimize sales funnels . utilizing retargeting marketing . set up Facebook Insights Monitoring/Listening on social channels   –  Monitoring/Listening on social channels – Engagement – Customer Support     Tweet

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