Blog Page, About Us Page, Press Release & Website Privacy Policy

by Peter Kaczmarzyk

Blog Page

Blog Page is Not Just a Bunch of Words

Blog Page


The interaction with your readers (comments) as well as Adsence ads most likely will be on the blog page – a portion of your website, where you will be adding fresh content.
The remaining part of your site should consist of product pages without the ability for the visitors to comment. Why? To avoid distractions. Remember, the primary objective for the product pages is for the visitor to click on the product link and to leave their name & email address through opt-in. You will keep adding new product pages, but not until you will have the existing ones ranking high in Google for number of keywords. In most cases, you will not have Adsence ads on these pages.

Blog Page Headline

You could be focusing on newsworthy topics related to you. Each news item will have its own headline that relates to the news article found below it.

Primary Content

The blog category should be as one of the options in your top navigational menu. You will be adding new original content relating to your industry:

  • any relating newsworthy information
  • current press releases in the industry
  • Google Alert articles
  • from general search
  • Google & Yahoo news search

The goal of your blog news pages is to provide newsworthy information about the subject to keep readers informed about the topic. For example, I want anything that relates to dogs. Anything that relates to dog barking, different approaches to dog training, dogs & kids, etc.

After every post that you write, you can give them an invitation to discuss what you just wrote about in the comments below or in the forum.

At the minimum, each month you should find enough content to write (or have written) 3 articles per each week. Monthly, you could find a total of 12 newsworthy items, research at least five press releases and re-write it into a short story.

It can be outsourced to a writer. The stories have to be original and unique, not copies, about 600 words in length. You should be prepared to pay about $10 – $15 each for a well written piece. The writers should use their own names on some of the posts and the rest can be “ghost” written for you to have your own name.

The writer will have an account set up so she can add the content herself directly, waiting for your approval. Make sure she has everything that she needs in order to work independently and on her own. After finding a good and dependable writer, you could set up a longer, maybe 3 month agreement with her. Give her all topics, you want to be covered. Her duties could include:

  • Articles
  • Posts adding on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (for example)Chat
  • Forum posts to draw visitors in
  • Continuing Chat conversations


Press Release Page

One of the great ways to get exposure on internet is to issue a press release online.

There is many websites offering that service for free or for a minimal charge. Few more prominent sites will charge you a fee, but it is well worth it. The most prominent, but also the most expensive one is PR Web, which has several payment options depending on your goals. You should take their free course, teaching how to write a press release, how to submit it and why it is so helpful to your business.

I you choose to submit a press release and will continue to do so, set up a page on your website that includes your submitted in the past press releases and letters to the editor. You can even give the visitors the ability to download the photos you have taken. This is a page that will hold all the archived press releases that have been sent out. Format it in a way that for each press release there will be a press release headline and a brief description with a link to the full press release on your site.

Press Release

Press Release

Once every 1-3 months, a press release should be sent out. The little investment will compound for you geometrically and you just need to determine what it will be about and how it will tie into events relating to dog training for example.. There will be research that needs to be done for each idea. Like anything else, we have discussed in here, the press release can be outsourced to a professional writer, but you still it needs to provide a detailed outline of what you want in it. Again I strongly encourage you to go to PR Web and read on their site in detail how to get started. You should submit press release using or other prominent online press release service, followed up by other PR service specializing in your topic.

Press Kit

Press Kit – have it available on the page for easy download for reporters, but also send it to local media (newspaper, magazines, radio, TV), the government, Ministry of Education and anything else that would make sense in your industry.
Here what needs to be included:

  • a background story
  • other newspaper clippings or magazine clippings to show the editor that it’s newsworthy
  • letter to the editor
  • press release
  • photos
  • any testimonials or comments from others, the reporter could contact for a back story, comments and quotes. You may want to include their contact information, which is name, phone number.

Once you have gone though the local channels and had some success, you can gather your local results, put together a new press kit and approach the larger, national media. Always ask for the backlink from their website.


About Us Page


The role of About Us page is to provide visitors with an introduction to the website’s creator or editor and what the site is about. It will include a nice photo of the editor. This is a nice opportunity to create a page of great content that will get a lot of traffic. “About Us” pages get clicked on a lot by the visitors, either before going through it or after. People who are enthralled with the site will click on it to find out who’s behind the site. This is your good opportunity to create a page that can really position your website in the place where you want it.

This page is designed to tell the visitor about you and give them a birds eye view of what is going on in the industry. The visitor will learn about you and why you’ve built this website. They will find out what the website is all about in a form of a story. You need the visitors to feel that they know you and can trust you from what they read. Below is what you want your visitor to see:

Great Headline With A Question Mark

Great Headline With ?

A headline with a question mark is obviously in a form of a question. These type of headlines work the best and will provoke thinking, reaction and hopefully an interest to delve more in to the content.

Following a good headline should be:

  • your Bio: 2 – 3 paragraphs (about 400 – 600 words) talking about who you are
  • your family
  • where you live
  • your interests
  • your involvement in your topic. You will talk about the lectures and presentations you have given on TV and radio shows or anywhere else, if any
  • you will include a photo of yourself


Website Privacy Policy Page


On Website Privacy Policy page you will outline the privacy policy for the site. It is a good idea to buy a template online from a legal site that sells them. You will customize it with regards to your own needs. This way you can cover all the important points. It should be easy to read and understood.

Search the Internet for a privacy policy template and customize it to my own needs. Important facts you want to cover:

  • the headline “Privacy Policy”
  • in three to four paragraphs, talk about the purpose of collecting information and the protection of privacy for the visitor who participates in surveys, chats and becomes a member
  • set the guidelines for your site. To help you write them. See “the Guidelines” of other leading websites as examples
  • there will be a disclaimer of liability from the advice given by you or other people participating in the forum, letting the visitor know that the website is for educational and informational purposes only

A very good place, where you can obtain a Privacy Policy for your site is:
Legal Forms & Legal Documents

Copy the code below to your web site.

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