Can You Business Afford $87,000 Social Media Marketer?

by Peter Kaczmarzyk

social media managementSocial Media Marketing – To Outsource It or Not To Outsource It

Think about it, most small businesses couldn’t afford an $87,000 a year employee if they could find one, and bigger organizations quickly figured out that outsourcing social media marketing is much more cost effective. One of the reasons is that what  businesses need is not just an employee who posts on different social media channels, but a strategist who can design the best social marketing plan for a particular organization.

According to, a Social Media Strategist’s average salary in Boston, MA is $87,000 a Social Media Manager’s average salary is $78,000. This is a pretty big expense, but running a business without a strong Social Media presence and good customer engagement, organic and paid is  economic suicide in today’s world. The time has come that most of the executives understand this and the advertising budgets are shifting from traditional media like newspapers, magazines, (did somebody mentioned yellow pages?), radio & TV to Social channels.

Many companies are willing to pay higher salaries to  competent Social Media Managers and Strategists, but the challenge is in finding one, since every Tom, Dick and Harry will apply sincerely believing they are truly qualified for the position. The truth is that we have a shortage of qualified Advanced Social Media Marketers. In my opinion, a much better solution for a company big or small is to outsource it. Why, because the chances are better at finding qualified consultants, who are doing nothing else, but Social Media, plus it is less expensive.

Lets take a closer look at what companies should be looking for in Social Media Managers or Social Media Strategists and how much they should pay.

Here is a list of only some of the services Social Media Consultant should be capable of performing. Not all of the services listed have to performed. They should be tailored to the client’s needs:

Social Media Services

  1. Profile images, backgrounds on all their social sites to match their website branding
  2. Optimize Profiles to drive:
    – clicks, likes, shares, re-tweets, comments, etc.
    – traffic
  3. Social Media Network setup & optimization
  4. Design custom landing tab: lead gen, specials or coupons
  5. Events
  6. Create editorial calendar
  7. Audience Growth organic and paid
  8. Different types of content distribution
  9. 1-2 updates/day, 2-4 updates/day, 4-8 updates/day
  10. Monitoring/Listening on social channels
  11. Engagement
  12. Customer Support

    Channel Networks

    Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Google +, Pinterest, Instagram

Not all social networks need to be used to be successful. This will depend on the client’s particular industry. As far as monthly fees to an independent Social Media consultant can range, depending on engagement level, from $500 – $2,500 + monthly. As you see, it is much more economical to outsource it to an independent, but capable consultant.

I would also like to point out that an independent Social Media consultant can be doing the training of in-house marketing team or just be limited to a one time assessment-analysis service.

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