Internet Marketing 20/20 Principle

by Peter Kaczmarzyk

internet marketing choice

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Internet Marketing Choice

I am sure top internet marketers would agree that for all the free information available out there, on how to make money using Internet marketing, maybe 20% is any good!

Out of that 20% of good info maybe 20% is useful enough for you to start showing some profitability, but it most likely will not make you wealthy or even a sustainable income!

These web marketing strategies are employed by some of the well known Internet marketers to keep the masses in the dark and to make a quick “buck”.

Web Marketing Strategies



Well, the same 20/20 principal applies to information you have to pay for. After buying, lets say $10,000 worth of courses, e-books, boot camps, you name it, our research has shown that only 20% or $2,000 spent would be full of pretty good content, but only 20% of that pretty good content or $400 would in reality teach you how to make some money on the Internet.

The Conclusion Is That Best Way To Make Money Online Is If You

a. you have to be ready to spend about $10,000 and hoping to come across something valuable
b. play the lottery
So be wary, because the really good info on how to make money online is not that easily found, as we have found out. Why then, the so called “Internet Marketers” are selling so much “crap”? The answer is….

Groups of People Profiting From Selling You the Dream of Making Money Online

  • The “know how“ group: sells for the most part, outdated information that is already obsolete, or on its way out
  • The “copy cats”: will try to sound good, peddling some completely useless and wrong information and some ideas copied from others, but not knowing themselves, whether it works or not.

It is impossible for a “newbie” to determine which software tools are necessary to use and which ones are not. This is because, you need to know first, what is really important for your website development and marketing. Without knowing it, selecting any software is like going shopping blind and that is the the catch 22, because without good tools it will be long and difficult to succeed.

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I will be your free search engine marketing consultant and I will guide you with regards to software tools that are absolutely needed. Some tools are free and some you need to pay for, in many cases negligible amounts. This will save you a lot of headache, time and money.
I will be your social media consultant and we will not stop there. I will be a web 2.0 consultant and we will not stop there, because in today’s online environment, it takes a lot more to be a success story amid, the ever increasing competition.

This is why this website was put together to level the playing field between the “know hows“ and everybody else. You can consider yourself lucky, because the info presented here will pave a way to your success, assuming you will not just read, but study carefully every word and apply it. The results, however are going to be as diverse as people themselves, who read this, but you will give yourself a great chance to claim a digital piece of your own digital real estate that is profitable and continue to grow in to decent and we hope, eventually wealthy living.

It is entirely up to you to succeed, because the knowledge to do so, you will find here.

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jenny May 16, 2012 at 3:54 pm

20/20 principle, I love it. It is very true


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