Internet Marketing Basics

by Peter Kaczmarzyk

welcome to the internet

Welcome To The Internet

It is so important to know what part of this huge digital network called “internet”, you will play and how will you fit in this vast digital world. So, take your time studying this material, don’t rush through it. The better your understanding of the Internet marketing basics, the better your chances of success. If you don’t have a fundamental knowledge of what you are getting into, don’t even try. It took three years to create this e-book with a lot of collaboration from other top marketers. You will find here a slightly different approach, having little to do with theory, but everything to do with PRACTICE, as you will see in the chapters coming.

While the Internet Opportunities Seem To Be Everywhere – Many of Them Are Filled With Misleading and False Information!

What do I mean by that?
Thanks to many underhanded tactics and misleading marketing materials the, so called “marketers” have convinced many to purchase their e-books or courses that would have otherwise NEVER been made by the buyers, had they been fully informed of what exactly it is they are buying. I have spent countless hours scouring the Internet wanting to know what other marketers are up to, what types of “so-called” opportunities are available these days. Lets talk about it.

Welcome To The Internet of Today

The Internet is full of promises. Promises of easy money, easy marketing, easy notoriety, easy this, easy that. Sure, the opportunities are all around us, but you have to learn how to spot them. Can’t believe everything you see read or hear.

Most of the content in the digital space, unfortunately is garbage. A useless information that becomes dangerous in a sense that it costs money, wastes time, causes discouragement and lost opportunities that could be pursued otherwise. Much content, still in existence was generated automatically through spinning, which is a fancy way of duplicating somebody’s content by producing different versions of the same thing, undetectable by search engines, at least until now.

It is interesting to note that another reason, why most people fail is the enormous supply of online money making ideas, courses, boot camps, e-books, etc.

Many of us are guilty of trying to “catch to many birds at once, ending up with nothing”. In other words, focus on one thing and do it well, instead of jumping from one idea to another hoping the next “shiny object” is the one to pursue. Give it a good try, before quitting.

internet opportunities

Internet Opportunities

An online success formula is really simple. Take a good idea and a commitment to the online world through a blog or a website. If you follow our advice here, you could have a serious business on your hands in a matter of months, maybe even less than a month. It depends on your goals and the type of business.

Don’t start with many different websites, sell all kinds of products at once through many affiliate programs or create fake tiny blogs only for Google AdSense and then be doing web design or Internet Marketing for others in addition to everything else. You will drive yourself crazy and the results will not be good in any of the activities.
If you want to create something powerful, decide what is “something”?

Concentrate and focus your efforts only on that “something”.
The problem is that you don’t know which idea is a good one to go after. Many offers out “in the space” (Internet) are completely a waste of time and money, and this adds to a difficulty of making the right choice. This is why the “” is here to help you make the choices online that are worth pursuing.

Internet Marketing Basics– How Has the Internet Transformed Marketing?

  • Marketing is so essential for any business that it is basically a matter of survival. Regardless of the product types or services a company offers, they need marketing in order to reach their potential buyers.
  • In the earlier days, the marketing was done through print advertising, radio ads, and television commercials. They were very effective then, but not today, not any more. The speed of digital production and delivery, as well as lowered costs on Internet is a death sentence to the old ways of advertising.
  • Print media is becoming a dying breed, the television is feeling the pain, especially the local stations, only radio seems to be holding its own without loosing a significant numbers of listeners. All theses changes are due to the incredible growth of internet alone, which transformed the marketing landscape.

What is so drastically appealing about the web you ask?

Three things:

online business

Online Business

  • Very inexpensive
  • Big audience
  • Measured results

If you plan to start a successful blog or an online company, you will need to spend some money along the way. It is true that the incredible technology we have at our fingerprints allows for costs of doing business unheard of, until now.

The advancements in the structure of the digital space (Internet), especially in the area of interactivity are phenomenal, which revolutionized the way of marketing and cut costs to levels, never thought possible. Nevertheless, despite all the advancements, you would be foolish not to invest in your business to get it started and to continue to invest in important aspects of it to ensure its success. The actual investment is a small fraction in comparison to a traditional off line business, similar in terms of potential revenue numbers.

It is possible to do it almost completely free, but not advisable, especially with so many low cost tools available to you and your competition, tools that have the potential of propelling your business sky high.

The Entrepreneurs Who Fail To Properly Fund Their Online Business – Set Themselves for a Failure Right From The Beginning

Consider “Yourself” an investment, to become knowledgeable in the area of “Internet Marketing”. If you are continuously chasing the avalanche of “free” information on this subject, in the digital space, then you hopefully know by now, how much of it is false or obsolete.

You are extremely fortunate reading this material, because there is nothing out there like this put together for you in such a comprehensive way.

Here I will be exposing the “tricks of trade” and the incredibly innovative ways of approaching an issue with a particular goal to accomplish. This storage of knowledge was possible by painstaking research with collaboration of many experts in the field of “Online marketing”

Internet Marketing Basics

Internet Marketing Basics

Let’s consider the creation of your blog based website, which is the simplest, least expensive and one of the most effective forms of web publishing. Some “experts” will suggest to buy an available domain name, get any cheap web hosting, use one of many free themes for WordPress and voila, you can begin to add your content?”

You certainly could do it, but would it get you anywhere? Lets examine this more closely and see what we will come up with:

  • Buying a used domain name related to your product may cost you a lot of money and you would probably end up using a domain name that has nothing to do with what you are trying to do and that would not help your brand at all. You can certainly check first, but the chances are very low. It is almost impossible to find a free available, domain names for your niche, but if you are creative it is very possible.
  • You can’t have a WordPress based website without a theme/template.With a minimum investment, you could have one of the great WordPress themes used by top marketers for only around $97 – $190: the Profits Theme, Affiliate Theme or the Thesis Theme. Each providing a superb optimization capability and functionality. With a free WordPress theme, your website’s look will be no different than millions of other sites, reducing your chances of succeeding and certainly not representing any kind of authority in the eyes of the visitor and the search engines.
  • Should you, however write a popular article and reach the front page of a search results or a social media site, your cheap web hosting would probably not be able to sustain the traffic load, and your server would crash. Here are some of the best and most affordable web hosting options ranging from as low as $5 a month, so this is really not a place to try to save a dollar. Some of the best hosting options, providing an excellent support and almost zero down time are: BLUEHOST and JUSTHOST – Either one is a great choice.
  • It is a good idea to create your own domain name. You will need to do some research first. You can do it manually with a free Google tool called Google Adwords tool and it is a good place to start to find a couple of relevant key phrases with high search volume. They each could be a candidate for your website’s name, probably not by itself anymore (no longer available), but with a small word attached to the end of the phrase or the beginning, like: “the”, “best”, “main”, etc.
  • To find out if it’s available is easy, you can go to HOSTGATOR and scroll down the page, click on “Domain Names” towards the bottom left and type in your suggested phrase. It will tell you right away if it is taken already and it will give you suggestions to what’s available. Here is also a great place, where you can host your website as well.
  • Try not to use dashes “-”, as this will make it difficult to type.
  • As far as the extensions go: “com”, “.net”, “org”, etc., there is no evidence that one is better than the other and is treated any differently by the search engines. Go for the “.com” first, if available, only because people are more used to it. Another good reason would be, if it was used in the traditional media like print or radio, where the domain names are not click-able, therefore a potential for errors.
  • So, go ahead and create your own domain at Hostgator for only few bucks for an annual registration.

As you can see, I am not thinking twenty thousand dollars, hundred thousand or more with regards to the actual investment amounts in your online business. I am not suggesting any kinds of investments in an expensive corporate type of software systems or hiring an expensive advertising or consulting agency.

With the proper knowledge you are very capable of having a tremendous success.

With the right advice you will know what software tools are necessary.

You will need few more indispensable tools, some free, some very inexpensive. These tools will make huge difference in terms of creating the potential for your site to be much more successful and to stand out from the crowd. These are the basics you start with and it is important to get it right from the beginning.

In summary, you will find here all that is necessary to build a successful online business!

Copy the code below to your web site.

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