Internet Marketing

Here is the Essene of On-line Marketing/Business Building

on-line marketingWhy your company’s on-line marketing efforts are not bringing the desired results? Here is a simple explanation why, most people just don’t understand digital marketing, most marketers don’t understand it! I can guarantee you that tools/tricks/tactics alone will not work, and a flashy marketer promising “mountains” is a very short time is not, who you want to hire.

So what really works in the Internet Marketing space right now? It is complicated, I am not going to lie, and like never before it is an ever moving target. First, develop an overall strategy, short/long term goals, then who is your target market, develop personas, then start working on designing a full on-line marketing business solution, such as Marketing Funnel, designed to convert each lead and to extract maximum value out of each potential customer, in essence, to produce traffic & conversions, with behavioral based responses, database building, re-targeting, email communication/marketing and building your “Bottom Line”.