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by Peter Kaczmarzyk

Website Development – One Page at a Time


Website Development

Website Development

You need to know that Google ranks pages not sites, so your website development has to be one page at a time. Through outsourcing you can greatly speed up your site development. It is very good idea to create a work order for every page of content you’re creating, when you are outsourcing the work to someone else oreven if you are the writer yourself. If you follow this advice, the new content will be more professional.

Sample of a Website Development Work Order

  • I need to create a product page for
    The format for the product page is going to be in the form of a letter from my wife to the visitor. In this letter, she is explaining to the visitor, looking for a gift, how she has found the perfect gift for the car enthusiast in her life – me!
    I am going to include my photo of test driving a Corvette at the top of the page.
  • The visitor is searching for a special gift for a loved one (husband, son, brother, etc.). They are a big-time car fans. They more than likely already have a collection of die cast miniature cars, and don’t need another one. They want to find the right gift for a special occasion such as a Christmas, graduation, birthday, or anniversary.
  • In the letter, my wife is explaining how she was having such a tough time finding the right gift for her husband’s birthday, so she asked me what I would really like, and I took her over to and showed her exactly what I (or any Corvette enthusiast) would like…a nicely framed print or the 1965 Corvette in red or 1964 Corvette topless in yellow.
  • While, we were still at I mentioned that if she was “feeling really generous”, she could get me the 1969 Corvette with black stripes – Limited Edition on Canvas by Peter Jives (you could write a little on Peter’s biography to build credibility).
  • I will place photos of the posters and prints on the page. Also, I would like you to touch lightly on Corvette’s history, including a link to a Wikipedia about Corvette. This can be a great way to build the value for my art prints.
  • Headlines ideas
    – “Limited edition, collectible, will increase in value – a gift you will treasure.”
    – Celebrating a special occasion, finding a lasting gift for your loved one – beautifully framed limited edition prints for the
    Corvette enthusiast.
    Please keep the headline tightly focused and as short as possible. The headline should include the word You and be written to the visitor.
  • Description Meta-Tag: I would like you to write an accurate 25 word description using the primary and other relevant keywords (Corvette posters) of what this page is about. There is no need to use the same word more than once (but you can if you need to). It should also be written to entice the visitor to want to click.
  • Title Tag: Using the primary keyword for the page (should not exceed 64-characters in length)
  • I will include a photo of my wife with the print towards the bottom of the page.
    I want you to include a strong endorsement from my wife for She has purchased a print and was very
    happy (and so am I) and she chose to order the print online, which was delivered, she selected standard shipping (3- 7 business days), but she did have the option of 2nd Day (2 business days) or if they’re in a real hurry (last minute gift idea), they can choose overnight (1 business day).
  • Let the contractor post the page or the article on your website. You will give him/her a limited access. You will review it and approve it or not.
Copy the code below to your web site.

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