Part II Video – Keyword Research. Identify Audiences by Demographics

by Peter Kaczmarzyk

  • Examples:
    Individual Problem: Sick patient needs to be hospitalized – what is the most common diagnosis required
    Individual Solution: XYZ Hospital delivers medical and nursing staff experienced in treating the diagnosed condition
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  • Individual Problem: Injured patient needs to be hospitalized: Identify most prevalent injuries
    Individual Solution: XYZ Hospital delivers medical, nursing staff experienced in treating these particular injuries
  • Professional Problem: Physicians/Nurses require a place to practice and work utilizing & improving their skills
  • Professional Solution: XYZ Hospital provides a place where an organized medical and professional staff can take advantage of inpatient facilities delivering medical, nursing and related services 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Identify Potential Audiences by Knowing Your

Population Demographics

Consumer lists segmented (Why?) by
:social media marketing line

–Different populations based on the different services they require

–Physicians who refer patients to the hospital and drive hospital’s revenue


  • Your Inpatient services attract patients
  • The majority of these patients have chronic conditions


  • Your Hospital’s area of excellence in cardiology, orthopedics and spine, neurology


  • Reputable Transplants services attract patients from across the country and world
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