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by Peter Kaczmarzyk

product page

product page

Is Product Page Arguably the Most Important One?

A very effective way to construct a product page is to have it in the form of a review. It could be a review of a physical product, a service or something else. Add at the top left corner of the first paragraph, the name and the picture of the reviewer, even if its you.

Example of EARNING WEBSITE REVENUE $100/Day – Example of Selling products for commission

Determining Your Earnings from Your  Make Money Blog

  • if your average sale is $100 and you are earning 10% ->commission = $10/sale
    For the $100/day goal you need 10 sales/day
    If you have 2 product pages then you need to average 5 sales/day/1 product page
  • If your conversion rate is 1% you would need 500 visitors/day to each page or 1000 visitors per day into those two pages.
  • If you double your conversion rate to 2% then you would only need a total of 250 visitors/day to each page. You can see the importance of not only traffic to your site, but also high conversion rates.

The primary focus of your “make money blog” is the product pages (2 pages only until you start making money). They have to provide a compelling reason for the visitor to go to the merchant and purchase a product or service. Each product page will:

  • be very well organized
  • be researched
  • provide a great headline (8 or 10 words)
  • have a strong copy
  • have two or three photos
  • have video
  • have an enticing two part audio: a 15 to 20 second audio to the visitor, who lands on the page, then, it will fade out and 20 to 30 seconds later, next audio will encourage the visitor to head over to with a very strong endorsement. It will be a kick in the butt to click on the link and get over there.
  • have a merchant and a product selected by you.
  • have pages looking like they’re not really product pages, but great articles with links to the products you are promoting.

Most Effective Product Page Outline

Prior to writing a product page, ask yourself the 5 fundamental questions (see p.20), then research the merchant site and brainstorm for the answers. By doing this exercise you will find, this gives you or a hired writer the information needed to develop content of the article.

  • Primary Headline H1
  • Secondary Headline H2
    – Use Words that Relate to Their Feelings – love, proud of my dog
    – Use Words that Relate to the Problem They Are Trying to Solve – understand what they are going through, knowing someone
    else is also going through it
    – Use Words that Relate to Hope and Solution – understanding, sharing story, working towards a common solution, support
  •  Primary Content
    a. The primary content for the product page is a simple and to the point letter from you to the visitor. It will include a current
    date, a common salutation (I.e. Dear __________,) and your photo.
    b. I would like the first 1 to 2 paragraphs to be tightly focused and directed at building your credibility as to who you are and
    why they should listen to you. It will also help them to relate to you.
    – my husband loves “Joe”, our Golden Retriever, he has bought him number of dogie toys
    – we’ve named our first son “Joe” after our dog
    – we’ve met top dog trainer in our area to find out how to stop “Joe” from constant barking
    – we’ve talked to several veterinarians about the cause for constant barking in Retrievers

      First Example of Primary Content

    Dog in Primary Content

    Dog in Primary Content

It could be a basic story is about how you were looking for ways, so your dog would stop barking and
found this book covering the very issue, solving the problem with your dog. In the letter, you are explaining how you were having such a tough time finding the right solution to the problem of constant barking. What you were going through, trying to find somebody with the answer.

To build credibility, you could post a bio of the dog trainer, who wrote the book. Include photos of the products (books, dog toys, etc.), especially if you’ve got the product, used it and tested, You know what you’re talking about, mention other prominent users of product. This is just to build credibility in the article. You want the visitor to trust you. You have used the information in the book and it worked great.

If they hurry, they may still be able to take advantage of the discount, soon expiring. Add many images with descriptions, of your dog in different situations, with you or your spouse or at the vet or with the dog trainer, etc. Visitors should be able to click on the photos and get the option of purchase or be able to get to the merchant.

Second Example of Primary Content

Ford Mustang in Primary Content

Ford Mustang in Primary Content

Now, lets use example of a poster with a picture of a car as a gift to your husband.
You could start with the photo of the carrier delivering the gift from to the door, a photo of you holding the print, a picture of the print hanging on the wall. In addition, you should add a short audio, telling your story, how happy and surprised you were when the poster arrived or what you were feeling at the time when the barking stopped. Your audio will lead the visitors to the Sale.

Place “Husband’s hard to buy for” in the headline. The problem – wife wants to find the right gift that will be appreciated but she doesn’t know where to look. You can describe a “wandering through the mall” scenario using words like “A gift that he will love for years to come.” You want to find a gift that he will truly appreciate and love for years. There’s the beginning of the feeling for the headline.

A storyline about a wife actually going through the process of finding a gift for her husband at She will go through the buying process of buying a print. She will figure out which one she wants to purchase, clicking through, framing it directly on the screen, figuring out which color matting she wants, choosing the glass she wants, putting the credit card and shipping information in, hitting “Send” and actually buying the print. Include a photo of the person arriving at the door with the print. Then, we’ll have a photo of me with the print on my wall in my office.

This person lands on a page that says, “Is Your Husband Hard to Buy for? Are you looking for the perfect gift? He’s a Ford Mustang fan? Have you considered a print from ? Then, you get into “My husband loves the Ford Mustang. He has die-cast models and posters all over his office. We named our dog Mustang. In fact, we have a Ford Mustang parked in the garage. I thought this would be perfect for him.

If you’re looking for a similar gift, here’s a picture of the one we purchased. If you’re looking for a nice gift for your husband that he will love for years to come, you may want to head over to a Ford Mustang print. It will be on the wall for years. He’ll love it. It’s proof that you actually did what we were talking about. You purchased a print and He loves it.

It’s sitting  on his wall above his desk and it’s gorgeous. If you’re looking for one for your husband, you can’t go wrong. Head over to

  • Audio
    A short audio from you, so you can go over the highlights above and personally endorse the book or the products on
  • Call to Action
    You want the visitor to click on the link that takes them to your product (for example a book), you are trying to sell. To do this you will write one paragraph that tells your visitor that there is a book available, written by you or somebody else for other dog owners who deal with a uncontrolled barking. Here, you will introduce the Book.
  • Invitation
    You will provide instructions about how to join the community, how to submit their story and use a text box for them to type their content into. You will instruct them on how to add a photo to go with their story.

Here are some of the best places to find a huge variety of products and services for you to promote and sell:

LinkConnector Network
blueglobalmedia is a performance marketing network based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Focusing on
financial products
MaxBounty is an affiliate/CPA
network that has received a lot of recommendations from Internet marketers.

Copy the code below to your web site.

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