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Sell Online

Sell Online

How To Select The Best Product To Sell Online?

You want to get to know the industry before you jump into it to sell online right away.
Before selecting a product, find out what niche (industry) you want to be in?

You can’t be in the niche that doesn’t have any activity on internet. You can simply pick a a word describing a particular industry and find out the search volume using Google Adwords tool, but that is still doing it almost entirely blind.


There is no substitute for tools such as:

These software tools target very profitable high traffic and low competition niches within markets with an incredible accuracy. Let you determine precisely the volume, competition, the potential traffic to your site, even will help you eliminate the keywords in wrong order, falsely returning high search volumes and many other features necessary to succeed. They will also help you determine trends in different industries to see which markets and what topics are worth getting into.
Below are listed additional things to consider in topic selection.

Select Products

Before you select products to sell, ask yourself , if YOU ARE YOU INTERESTED IN THE TOPIC RELATED TO THAT PRODUCT? – You will see this as a most popular suggestion among the internet marketing “Gurus”. The idea behind it is that if you don’t love it you will not be doing it for long. The truth of the matter is that you may love the product, but if there is no interest, you will be wasting your time. Not only there has to be interest, but it should be a big interest among web surfers, so there is enough for you to make money.

Research a keyword in Google Search by typing it with quotation marks to find out the number of competing websites. If the number shown is around 50,000 or less then it is a positive sign, and a starting point of a keyword investigation.
By typing allintitle: “KEYWORDS” in Google Search – you are checking, how many pages in Google have the keyword phrase in their titles, which is a good indication if they are definitely targeting this exact phrase. A good sign for you is, if less than 5,000 results come up.

At the end of the Google search URL, add: &gl=us if you live outside USA
For much more accurate results, use tools like NicheBot, Market Samurai or SpyFu. These programs will analyze hundreds of websites in your market

Latent Semantic Indexing

Google bots are pretty smart and they not only look for the keyword phrase that you are trying to rank for, but they also analyze the rest of the text on that page in search of other related keywords to your keyword phrase. This is known as Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI). How do you know what these LSI phrases are? Well one way to do this is to use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool with NicheBot or Market Samurai. Google Adwords do “search” for the keyword and under the results you can see “keywords related to term”, and there is your LSI keywords.


Research a good: niche, product and even a sales copy on Look for high gravity, because it will indicate great interest in the product. If gravity=50 then it most likely means that 100 people made a sale. Big interest in a product means the product is very good and/or the sales copy is outstanding.

DMOZ & Ezine Articles

DMOZ is the most respected directory of websites, so look in there and you will be able to see what topics are being very popular.
do Google regular search and see how many websites are competing and look at keywords from paid search results
Ezine Articles>select related subject & topic from “Most Viewed Articles”

  •   select one of the topics
  •   scroll down & see the number of views
  •   if many views – pickup keywords from the title
  •   to continue manually, type the keywords in Google AdWords Keyword tool
  •   select highest in search
  •   show the average Cost per Click (CPC)
  •   select highest paid
  •   check competition in Google search
  •   select the keywords with than 6-7 million (Broad search). You can target an individual country, state or even a city.

There is a lot of guessing here and many additional criteria, crucial to finding those “golden nuggets” keywords are not even considered. For that you need to use certain software tools. As we mentioned before, two of the all time best are NicheBot and Market Samurai


What about your online competition? Find successful forums online, go to Google search, type your topic, then type: chat forums or blogs or Wikipedia or FaceBook or Twitter – you will quickly see, how many people are interested in the subject
Join couple forums on the subject – find out what’s the talk about and who’s the competition?


Take in to consideration whether their website is clean & organized, but also whether any advertisers would be interested in a product, you select?  It would be a good product choice indicator.

Select your merchant with care.

  • Do they have a cookie set in place for more than 30 days (you will get credit for the sale, even if the visitor to your site comes back later)
  • will you receive a credit for tel order?
  • Ask your merchant, what a typical order looks like and average order size commission rate.
  • Become An Expert In Your Field Online

In addition to your website and Social Media sites, use Yahoo Answers,, and LinkedIn Groups. It also, gives you the opportunity to provide a link back to your business’s website with every comment.

Traditional Internet Marketing business models and opportunities are giving way to Internet Marketing 2.0 businesses:

  • Post-Panda SEO
  • Lead generation
  • New rules of content, engagement, and selling
  • Effective mobile strategy
  • Retargeting / remarketing
  • Offline marketing
  • Local-reach marketing

In the forums and blog comments…These people that are discussing a subject of your interest — are they young, old, middle aged, in their teens, females, men. Who are these people?
You have to be like an FBI “Profiler”.

Know, what affiliated products these people are talking about, what models, types, brands, services, etc.


The more competitive a market is, the more money there is to be made.

  • First, snag all keywords from your competition through Nichebot or Market Samurai
  • Take note of what your competition is doing. Do they have a forum or community? Do they have a blog and is it up to date?
  • Are people making comments on the blog?
  • Do they have a newsletter for visitors to sign up?
  • These type questions you need to keep answering that way to find out your competition’s weaknesses.


Copy the code below to your web site.

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