Types of Web Pages On Your Website

by Peter Kaczmarzyk

An Analysis of Each Type of Web Page On Our Site

home page

home page

Some of the web pages should be more static to prevent distractions:

  • Home page
  • Product pages
  • About Us
  • Terms & Conditions (T & C)

Some of the web pages will be interactive:

  • Blog (category) pages Your blog should be a seperate category, where each page should have only one post.
  • Chat Forum
  • Thank You page
  • Survey page
  • Press Release
  • Share a Photo page
  • Share Your Story page
  • Contact Us page

Please note that you don’t have to include all the types of pages we will be talking about. Depending on the topic you choose, select the types of pages most relevant. The asterisk, * however indicates the pages you should include on your website. I will start with Home Page.

Home Page *

  • The home page has to be well researched and organized. The primary focus of the home page is to accomplish one or two things, but no more than that. The reason behind it is that the more choices the visitor has, the more distractions there are. This especially applies to the links on your page. You don’t want links that will lead the customer away to another page, they will not come back and you have lost them. Your primary objective could be to capture the email address of the visitor, but don’t try to accomplish more than 1-2 goals per page.
  • Outline exactly what your website site is about and concentrate on what’s in it for your visitor. Provide an easy & simple navigation not only on your home page, but on every page, which should be well organized and researched, providing enticing headline, strong content and a related, short audio or video. A great style for the content could be in the form of a letter to your visitor with your name and a date.
  • It should be a short page, above the fold (visitor doesn’t have to scroll down the page) in this order:
    – great title (with your primary keyword)
    – nice headline (with your primary keyword)
    – enticing audio or video

Primary Content

The primary content – in the form of a letter from you to the visitor with your name and the current date

  • One or two paragraphs – If your title is strong enough to hold the visitor’s attention to the point that they will look at your first paragraph, you realize that the first words in there have to be very tightly focused and directed at building your credibility as to who you are and why they should go on reading.
  • They don’t know who you are and they don’t trust you yet. They have to realize that this is credible and they have landed in the right place, not aiming for “Back” button. In addition, the visitors have to relate to you. You want them to know right from the start, you are a person is worth listening to.
  • “When my Golden Retriever Joe was a little puppy, he would constantly bark”
    “ Numerous trips to different dog trainers and veterinarians didn’t help”
    “Today, Joe’s constant barking has stopped and he is the most loving dog you could ever imagine”
  • Include below the paragraphs, few strong bullet points letting the visitors know what they will find on this site
    – get answers to questions about barking
    – meet with other dog owners, get support, more answers
    – learn the truth about alternative methods of training, as well as what the dog trainers will not tell you
    – learn what and why the veterinarians won’t tell you, what research you can (and should) do on your own
    – learn about the harmful side effects of medications and how they impact your dog’s learning and behaviors
    and so much more…
  • One or two strong and to the point paragraphs inviting the visitor to subscribe to your newsletter or “10 Tips and Tricks About Dog Training”. Include an incentive – “Subscribe to my FREE newsletter and I’ll send you a FREE video on Dog Training”

Here are some examples:

Get Your Game On!

  • You know who you are. You’re the one with the coolest video games. You like to stand out from the game crowd with the latest video games.
  • It doesn’t matter the reason for stayin in the know about the latest video game technology you have come to the right place. You can check out innovative video games, tricks, techniques and much more…
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re lookin to buy great new video game or up your cool factor with the best new trick.

Subscribe NOW and we’ll shoot you an email every time we find new video game, trick or technique.

What It Takes To Succeed

  • As a small business owner, consultant, professional, you’re great at what you do.
  • You manage every aspect of your business on your own, consequently you don’t have time or resources to run your business with the efficiency that is necessary for optimal profitability, balance between your work (which you love) and your life (which you miss).
  • Many important points are forgotten and the details get lost in the shuffle. Invoicing gets delayed, and a cash crunch inevitably comes knocking on the door. Potential customer’s calls don’t get returned, customer service is suffering and marketing… what marketing? Who has time for all this?Welcome to “What It Takes To Succeed”. Learn how we take our high-powered business consulting solutions and make them work for great entrepreneurs and professionals with great results, read all about AAA Win Win Program.
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it starts with home page, great info bro


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This is a topic which is close to my heart.
.. Cheers! Where are your contact details though?
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