Web Pages – Contact Us Page, Online Survey Page, Thank You Page

by Peter Kaczmarzyk

Web Pages

Web Pages

Web Pages described below are crucial to your success, so study this material carefully.

Contact Us Page

Contact Us Page will include a simple fill-in-the-blanks form. Don’t leave an actual email address for spammers.
this page will allow the visitors to contact you, through a simple fill-in-the-blanks form on the page where they can leave their name, email and question in a text box.
Primary Content
In one short paragraph, ask the visitor to feel free to contact you by using the submission form and entering their name, email and type their question into the text box. The headline of this page will be “Contact Us”. Use WordPress plugin “Contact Form 7”
You want your visitor to get a sense that you are accessible which also conveys trust. It can also be used for feedback if any issues arise, ask questions about the site or a topic they need to know more about or if someone wants to be a guest blogger. You also want to tell them that they are free to link to my website.

Online Survey Page

The purpose of Online Survey page is to acquire necessary information by surveying visitors and using their answers to create product pages based on their needs. Traffic to these pages can be accomplished periodically as needed using Google Adwords. AskDatabase is invaluable here. You set it up to capture their names and email addresses. Start with 1 survey which will be placed on the homepage.

Internet Marketing Survey Results

When Internet Marketing is concerned, people are mostly interested in:
– Creating their own informational product
– Generate leads from Social Media
– Affiliate programs
– how to write a sales copy

Primary content
Your visitors will be invited to the survey through one of auto responder emails.
You will write a one paragraph letter asking your visitor to take a short survey. There are questions you need to ask your visitor in order to find out what their needs are and how you can inspire them and keep them coming back to your site, participate in the forum and sign up for my newsletter. Here are some ideas you can ask your visitor:
What are you concerned most about?
What topics do you need more information about?
Is this a new dog training?
Who are you (mom, dad, grandparent etc) – add a poll
What is the biggest problem you have with your dog?

Also, if you can line up an expert in your field:
“Here’s your chance to ask an expert on “dog obedience”!
President of Atlanta Obedience for Dogs School, Mr. Jack Brown, who has been in the “dog business for over 30 years. Since, he has helped thousands of dog owners, including the U.S. Military.”


  1. If you’ll be kind enough to share your question with me, I’ll ask it for you. Then, when I’m done with my interview, I’ll actually send you a copy of the whole interview on audio so you can get you answer and a whole lot more.” Type your name and email for the audio copy.
    OR you could say
  2. In Exchange For Your Input, I Will Send You A FREE Copy of My eBook (20 pages) Entitled; “How To Change Your Dog’s Behavior?”
    OR you could say
  3. Dear Fellow Dog owner,
    Changing even the most difficult behavior in a dog doesn’t have to be a daunting task… In collaboration with a 30 years veteran of dealing with difficult dogs Jack Brown, I’m revisiting my popular e-Book – and I want to make sure that I don’t leave out anything that may be important to you. So I decided to ask fellow dog owners like you, what are the things you want to know about your dog as it relates to behavior, barking, nutrition, kids, etc.

In exchange for your input you will INSTANTLY receive FREE a printable copy of my e-Book, currently sells for $97
NOTE: This offer is limited to the first 100 respondents and will be discontinued without notice
Just fill out the form below – and click submit
OK, so what’s your question(s) about your dog?
Write anything you want to know about epilepsy. Or any question that you would like me to answer in the eBook:

Your Input:



Thank you very much for helping make this the most informative book on dog’s behavior possible.
Your Name
Author, “How To Change Your Dog’s Behavior?”
Use AskDatabase – as the data comes in, you can search for the keywords that come up most often in that survey and read all of the little notes that you are getting. You can figure out exactly, what the buyer of a Weber Grill is looking for. If you can get into the mind of your visitor on that level and actually marry your visitor to your merchant, your conversion rate goes up.

Thank You Page

Your visitors will land on a “Thank You Page” after they perform a desired action, which could be leaving their name and email address or a more detailed info, it could be a subscription to your newsletter, a sale or something else.

This is probably one of the most underutilized pages on the Internet and it’s probably more powerful than any other page. You have them in a willing, buying mood or trusting mood. They’ve entered their name and they’ve entered their email address. They are interested, so when you land them on a page like this, they’re probably going to dig in even further.

Don’t just say thank you and hope to see you again. Get them into the forum or get them to do something when they get to this page.

Copy the code below to your web site.

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