by Peter Kaczmarzyk

Web VIDEO Marketing



Should I use web video in my Internet marketing efforts?

The answer is resounding YES, especially the kind that uses screen capture, not without real people in it. WHY?

– very effective (high conversion ratios)

– cheap and easy to make

– no need for a camera

– mistakes can be easily edited
– prospect listens and hears the words on the screen at the same time = higher

Video is an integral part in promotion of your website, not only by including it on your pages, but by submitting it to many video directories. Aim for professional looking Videos with a personal touch.

  • To create great videos you can use 7-in-one package of powerful yet easy-to-use tools for any video processing needs. You could convert video, including DVD and HD – and audio between 170+ media formats. Save video for 180+ portable devices and do editing for two dimensional, as well as three dimensional video.

    You are able to do audio overlay, inject variations of transitions and apply variety of great effects. In addition you can split the video do a screen recording on your computer and just make great professional looking slide show. Once you are done you have options to burn CDs, DVD or Blu Ray Disks.

    The video can be obtained from anywhere: TVs, Camcorders in HDV, DV or HD formats, even from VHS VCRs. You can of course play the video with the audio back. In addition you have the capability to view the two dimensional video in a format of a three dimensional video. Check it out, we are talking about Movavi.

You can start creating free Videos using jing and record audio at the same time with limitations (only up to 5 minutes)

Distribute video to directories using the most popular software:
Traffic Geyser

– Tube Mogul
– HeySpread

Rip the audio from the video file
– create mp3 file
– create new RSS/audio feed
– distribute the podcast feed
– to create professional intro & outro outsource on

You can create text from the video using
– to outsource it

Create PDF
– Distribute your PDF’s to Scribd (like Youtube for videos)
– create podcast feed for PDF
Export slides from video as pictures and drop them in transcribed document
Use the reviews from Youtube & others, to create new content and re-purpose it

A video done correctly, whether on your site or somewhere else will do wonders for your website ranking. A page with just video and opt-in box is capable of producing some of the best conversion rates, so create a few pages just with video, as well as adding video to some of your other pages, including your home page.

Before creating a video, you have to ask yourself a few questions:

  • what is the Goal of the video (click on the product link, opt-in you info)
  • what is going to be in it
  • what type of video (regular video, sequence of slides, combination of both)
  • what is the work flow sequence (logical development of events)
  • what is the outline (follow it)
  • create footage (increment of 5 to 10 seconds)

12 Great Steps in Creating a Promotional Video

1. Headline – Attention Grabbing Greeting:

  • “If You Want To Lose 30 Lbs In 30 Days Do This”
  • “ You Are About To Discover Secrets In Internet Marketing That Most People Will Never Know!”
  • “Please Excuse the Strong Language, But I Really Have To Get Something Off My Chest – Google Adwords Sucks! OK, There I said It!”
  • “ Hi This Peter K  And In The Next 5 Minutes I am Gonna Spit In The Face Of Every Self Righteous Internet Marketing Guru Out There, You Need To Hear This!”

2. Identify the Problem and Promise to Solve it

  •  “You Can’t Find an Internet Marketing Course that You Can Trust Here We Will
    Teach You How To Really Make Money!”
  •  “I Am Not Saying: Don’t Buy Every Internet Marketing Course that Appeals To You,
    But What I am Saying Is This:

If You Are Really Serious About Making Money On Internet Or Succeeding Online In Any Other Way – You Need Internet Marketing Choice!”

3. Establish scarcity in the video to build value and create a fear of loss

  • “I am About To Share One Of The Best Strategies to use In Losing 20 lbs, but I only have it online for short and for a good reason, as you are about to see, so watch it while you can!”
  •  Explain, you don’t want this product in too many people’s hands, because it will get overused and will be no good any more.
  • Then, take it down, then re-launched later and take it down again and relaunch it and…. so on (every 3 months or so).

4. Create even greater need for a solution by aggravating the problem even more – talk
about the problems, survey the visitors to identify more problems

5. You provide the solution – your product, “Introducing an e-Book That Will Most Likely
Change Your Life And Your Lifestyle”.

  • Show them a picture of your book, DVDs and tell them, you will give them the digital version, so you can give them immediate updates for life!
  • To make it on a physical DVDs, you can use

6. Go over features and benefits – It Has To Be True! THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I DID!

  • Go Over your Table of Contents
  • Give the price
  • There is so much valuable information here and it took me over 3 years of research
  • How Much do you think  it’s worth?
  • I was going to sell it for a $1,000, but I am not going to do it, so I cut the price in half to $500, but I want people, who can’t afford it and need it the most, to have it too
  • So you know what? I decided to give it away temporarily (20 days only) for $97
  • Do you know Why? I am Not Going To Put Up with the Massive Misinformation Out there Any Longer!
  • You Deserve to Know and Be On an Even Playing Field with all the “Gurus”!

7. Call to action – ask them to buy. Get Big Orange Arrow or a Button and ask them to click
on the orange button below to gain an instant access. You will be taken to a secure order
form right away, you will get immediate access. Click the button to get started right now!
The button (time delayed) appears at the exact time when the price is revealed (see code

8. Present your credentials, prove, results, examples, testimonials- if you don’t have any,
quote relevant statistics and go over the key features of your “Offer”

9. Give your guarantees – 30 days no questions asked – Money Back Guarantee! Use it for
30 Days completely free. If You are Not amazed at how incredible the knowledge is,
simply send me an email for full refund, but I know, once you use it, you will see powerful

10. Call to Action again – same as #7.

11. Give warnings – I am going to release this course for $97 only for 20 days. After that
the price will go substantially higher. Maybe it is not for you, as my Dad always said:
“Son, the world needs ditch diggers too”, give deadlines, give your guarantees, use guilt –
what happens if you don’t buy it?

12. Call to Action, again– same as #7. Click that button Right Now! You Owe It to yourself
and your family to take advantage of this amazing opportunity! I look forward to working
with you and holding your hand, every step of the way!

Copy the code below to your web site.

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