Best Website Layout

by Peter Kaczmarzyk

What Is a Best Website Layout


If you would compare all the web layouts and study their conversion rates, you would be surprised with the result below. Sometimes the simplicity wins. This is especially true in the digital space.

Every page of your website is your valuable digital real estate. On that page, location plays a huge role. There are certain areas that are more visible (the eye is naturally drawn to) to the visitor than others and this in turn will manifest itself in click and sales.

You can embed your ads in the top left corner of the first paragraph using either a 250 by 250 Google Adsense ad or a 300 by 250 ad for example. Add another one on the bottom right embedded directly into the paragraph as well.

You can not have too many links on a page, only absolutely necessary ones, keep it as simple as possible and on topic. Too many links will distract the visitor, so you only need:

  • Include a big picture with your name and a tag-line – could be a link
  • Right Hand Column
  • Nothing, except for Opt-in or only necessary links. Your primary goal for the home page should be capturing visitor’s info through opt-ins. Give them a reason to subscribe (free e-book, newsletter (picture), couple of videos, etc.)
  • Get your opt-in conversion rate up to the 10% or even 15%
  • The headline linked to each of the product pages will be located in the side column.

Standard paragraph spacing with one space between each of the paragraphs and standard spacing between sentences. Google AdSense ad should be inserted directly into the first paragraph. Turn off any distractions.
Add short video
You want to use the word ‘you’ and ‘your’ more than ‘I’, ‘you will learn,’ ‘you are going to enjoy’, etc.
Organization of Columns
Have main text on the left, but opt-in and links to other pages on the right column, because we read from left to right

Here is an example of a highly, visually optimized website layout page:

website layout

Website Layout

It is interesting to know that some pages that are not expected to do well, will do better (conversion rates are high) than others (Google ranks pages not websites), surprising the website owner. These high converting pages are in many cases buried and not ranking very well, for instance, you’re only getting two clicks a week making a high $1.50 per click, but when you start to bring traffic to that page with good click through rate (# of clicks per # of impressions) and now are getting 30 clicks/day, you are making money.

Sometimes, you don’t want Adsence on certain pages, because you don’t want the Google ads competing with other ads, so by placing <!–noadsense–> at the beginning  of the page, will eliminate Adsense ads on that page.
You can go with Google AdSense or strictly affiliate programs, banner ads or both. Whatever pays you the most and is most suited to your visitors and makes the best match for your website should be the choice.

Copy the code below to your web site.

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jazzy_1 May 16, 2012 at 4:01 pm

simple works and this layout always worked for me


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