Website Marketing

by Peter Kaczmarzyk

website marketing

website marketing

Website Marketing with Non-Text


Website marketing doesn’t involve only text. Media play an important role, as you will about to find out.

How to Promote Your Website with Images

To rank in natural search with images, it is not enough just to add an image to your site, whether it is a photo or some kind of graphic. It is important to optimize each and every image you add by making the “alt” tag and the file name (at the end of the file path) the same. In WordPress this is easy, because you are prompted as you are adding the image.


Promote Your Website with Audio

Generate more traffic than you can imagine by developing audio (from 20 seconds to 15 minutes) and giving it to people to pass around submit it to Podcast directories (, Pod Submitter,, I-Tunes and so on…), social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Subscribe to a Few Podcasts yourself relating to your topic and eventually you could develop your own 30 minute podcast 1-2 times/month. It is important to produce it professionally w/covers and w/bumper music at the beginning and end, if you want to be treated seriously. It can include almost anything from: testimonials, interviews (merchants authority figures), informational, mini-course, product introduction, etc.

For example:

  • intro is the bumper music up front 5-7 seconds
  • a little bit of promotion of your website (tell them to get their free 15 page free report “3 Crucial Facts Need to Know about Golden Retrievers) , then begin the show
  • welcome Listeners
  • read guest biography
  • welcome your guest
  • questions for the guest ( have a list of questions for the guest prepared, then get into a discussion)
  • thank your guest
  • share your guest’s contact details
  • outro plays the music, while the listeners are invited back to your website

Interview Checklist

  •    You don’t need to send questions to guests ahead of time
  •    Have a conversation maybe the day or two before the session.
  •    Organize and outline your notes from that conversation
  •    Get the bios from them through email or pull right off of their websites.
  •    Be well prepared.
  •    You need to instantly add streaming audio to your website without expensive
    equipment or technical know-how?
  •    Check Audio Generator
  •    Interview recordings can be through Skype
  •    To sound professional, use tools like AccuConference, or MaestroConference,
    which were adopted by leading marketers.

Again, it is your decision, just remember the professionalism will pay you huge dividends right from the start.


Audio on your Home Page should be from 20-45 seconds telling visitors about your site, what’s in it, things they can do, how the forum works, etc. It should start softly with a background music and build up with you, welcoming the visitor, acknowledging their need or desire, and then directing them gently to continue reading.
Here are some examples:

I Part: 15-20 seconds

– as the owner of Golden Retriever I have made the mistake of…

– if you are looking for a gift your kids will love or even for yourself, I can assure you that
you can not go wrong with a new Nintendo Wii system…

– prompt them to read on

II Part: 15-30 seconds
Background music starts playing again, you come back in, talking about the highlights of Nintendo Wii system and why you love it, encouraging them to click below to see it for themselves. will:

  • save you 40%
  • offer safe and secure online shopping
  • guarantee your satisfaction
Copy the code below to your web site.

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