Your Social Media Marketing is Not Working – Somebody Help?

by Peter Kaczmarzyk

Hire Social Media Marketer Social Media Marketing is the most exciting and rewarding type of marketing available to small business owners right now. Many people however, confuse the word “exciting” with “easy”. For this type of marketing to be “rewarding”, meaning to produce results, a lot of smart planning and hard work has to be put in. You disagree? Tell me your sales or commissions for the last three months, OK… I thought so.

Can you Pass This Social Media Test?

It would seem obvious, but how many people publish on their personal profiles, both business and personal posts? How many have their business profiles or pages optimized? Did you just say, “What’s that?” Do you know how to properly optimize your page/profile and why? Do you even have a business profile/page? Are you present in the major Social Media channels? Do you post on the subject relevant to your company? Do you know where your customers are? Do you post on regular basis, whole day long, but not too much and not too little? Do you keep their attention and be at the top of their minds? Do you understand the difference between brand building posts? Call to action posts, boosted, promoted or sponsored posts? Are you listening, monitoring to what your audience is saying? Are you engaging in any way, replying to questions, concerns problems, etc.?

Social Media Customer is Increasingly More Difficult to “Close”

Did you know that according to the latest study, your potential client/customer has to see your message 11.5 times on average, before they “bite”? There is a whole lot of competition out there. Have you ever wondered, why some do a lot, lot … better than you? Are they smarter then you? Hardly, the dirty secret is, they give the dirty work, the meat and potatoes of Social Media marketing to a good professional like me and this is why, you don’t stand a chance! It’s like saying, I don’t need a real estate agent to find my dream house or I don’t need a mortgage broker to get me the best deal or I can do all my legal paperwork in a real estate transaction, myself! Some try and fail in more ways than one. Nothing is more apparent than in a Social media marketing arena, where your breakfast, lunch and dinner are being taken away from you, day in and day out! Hire a Social Media Professional – Why? I think you are getting the idea by now that do-it-yourself Social Media marketing is a full time job, best performed by a knowledgeable Social Media professional. It is not a sideline activity to do if your time allows, because your survival depends on it! Say to yourself, No More! I want my business to be highly visible and in front of my potential clients and no more Social Media costly mistakes! Give this crucial aspect of doing business the respect and the attention it deserves!

Start a new chapter in you professional Life!

Contact me for a free one hour of an evaluation of your Social Media Marketing strategy. Email me at or Order Social Marketing Services, directly from this page, above in the right column Do it now, stop leaving money on the table!

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